What did you learn today? Aug 11, 2009

August 11, 2009

Hi Folks,

Every day, I share most interesting links, quotes, insights if I come across any. Here is today’s scoop –

1) Networking solutions for career success – Michelle Tullier (author of this book ) talks about practical tips for networking in general. Best way is to download and start listening from 18:20 into the webinar.

2) I want to mention 2 very good non-fiction books that I read recently. Following are the links to my notes from both books –

If you are or expect to be in any leadership/front line manager position, you should definitely check out this book. I started reading from chapter 7: The art of interviewing for talent and that hooked me. So I went back and read it from start, it was worth it.

One thing I want to quickly mention about photoreading book is, there is lot of good advice and thought provoking nuggets in this book. After reading photoreading, I certainly saw a significant improvement in my reading technique, speed and comprehension at that speed. There is lot of melodrama and exaggerated promises (IMHO) in this book. But one needs to try and see beyond all the melodrama, to truly understand the logic behind why the techniques might be so useful. I plan to write a blog post as a review of this book. I will try to explain my point further at that time. Till then, please stay tuned.

Is there anything interesting you learn today? Please share it with me, here in comments?

Tejas Joshi