Clever relationship hacks!

Hi Folks,

Check out this really really good metafilter discussion about clever relationships hacks. You have to work things/issues out in any relationship (mostly). How do you work things out? What specific tricks/tactics you have developed through experience, that help you better cope with relationship tensions or to enliven the relationship in general? If you are want to know, visit this forum discussion on metafilter – What clever relationship "hacks" have you come up with?. Some of the comments are hilarious and thought provoking –

We made a deal that any time someone had to say something he/she was worried about saying, he/she’d get a smooch for it. So admitting fears about life in general or the relationship specifically always gets rewarded. And a good conversation ensues.

And look at this one, which I think is single most important and yet so difficult thing to do. I like the poo metaphor. 🙂

Swallow your pride. Then digest it, pass it, flush it, and be done with it forever. It’s only exacerbating the argument.

There are few more excellent tips. Visit forum to check it out.

Also let me know if you know of any of your own.



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