What did you learn today? Sep 20, 2009

Hi Folks,

I try to share most interesting links, quotes, insights that I come across. Here is today’s scoop –

  1. In this interesting blog post, Ben Casnocha shares his reasons for – why he travels. I agree with most of the reasons.
  2. I recently read this piece on Nieman Journalism Lab, about why comments are vital to creating communities around news websites. I especially like this paragraph – "Our comments routinely point us in the direction of new angles for stories, and in many cases commenters have become sources for future pieces. They do fact-checking for us, which we should be grateful for. And they let us know which stories they care about and which they don’t, which is invaluable market research. But those aren’t the only reasons why comments are important. Giving people a place to talk about important issues has value in and of itself, and the more we restrict that and impose limits on it, the more we risk losing the trust of the people formerly known as the audience."

What did you learn today? Can you please share with me?


Tejas Joshi


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