What did you learn today? Sep 11, 2009

Hi Folks,

Every day, I share most interesting links, quotes, insights that I come across. Here is today’s scoop –

1) Adam Savage of Mythbusters talks about 2 biggest failure of his life. Stories are nice and engaging, but till late in the talk (on 31:00 min mark), when you almost feel like what does he trying to say? Where is he leading this? Adam delivers this important thought –

Success is your achievment. Success defines how you are progressing. Failure is your vehicle for success. Failure leads you on the path to success. Failure tells you what to do (or not to do) in order to achieve success, in a subltler way than you may realize.

2) We hear news about health care reform all the time. What is it? Why does America needs it? What’s exactly the problem with American health care system? How does health care reforms aims to solve these problem? What are people out there debating about? To answer all the above questions, read this undisputed most effective piece of journalism by Atul Gawande. According to some well-known journalists, it’s best article you’ll see this year on American health care. It took me couple of hours to read the whole thing, but it was worth it. If you read it, make sure to read it through, most of the important part is towards the end of the article.

What did you learn today? Can you please share with me?


Tejas Joshi


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