What did I learn today? July 16, 2009

Hi Folks,

Every day, I share most interesting links, quotes, insights that I come across. Here is today’s scoop –

1) Another great discussion from ask.metafilter.com on overcoming social awkwardness. Following comment caught my eye. It’s totally irrelevant to the topic at hand so to say, but interesting nevertheless. I find it thought provoking, something to consider, if I ever had to hire customer service reps in this lifetime.

Right out of college, I got a job working in a call center, the 800 customer service # for a major corporation. Unlike the situation today, where call centers are crap jobs with crap pay, this company took it very seriously. The phone reps were seen as the face of the company, the primary point of contact for potential and current customers, so we were invested in. We had decent salaries, fantastic training on not just our product but on communicating with customers via phone, and were encouraged to move up in the company (no lie: I know several call center alumni who now hold executive positions).

The entire discussion is worth giving a read, lot of useful advice, as always.

What did you learn today? Can you please share with me?


Tejas Joshi

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