What did I learn today? – June 29, 2009

Hi Folks,

I will share most interesting links,  quotes, insights every day. In return you share yours’ with me. Deal? Well, that’s the plan. Let’s see.

1) There is a nice discussion going on over at metafilter.comHow to go from 30K to 100K+ income?. I like this comment snippet –

Paul Fussel in his book Class says that the poor don’t care what people think of them & the rich don’t care what people think of them, but the so-called middle class spends inordinate amounts of energy trying to appear to be upper class, and in desperate fear that you can see right through them to their working class roots.

2) Another amazingly inspirational post by Steve Blank.  Agile Opportunism – Entrepreneurial DNA. Opportunities are always there, you need to keep your eyes open and grab the opportunity when it presents itself in front of you.

What did you learn today? Can you please share with me?

Tejas Joshi

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