How to make a good conversation!

I learned a thing today about making a good conversation. I going to share it with you.

I have a very good friend, with whom I talk in english, like most of we do. Let’s call him ‘guy A’. The problem with this guy is, he is not very good at speaking english. He finds himself struggling for words quite often. He is from one of the third world countries and his accent is different than most popular accents in America.

I have another good friend, whom I highly regard as a good conversationalist. Let’s call him ‘guy B’. He is so good at making a conversation, he can talk for couple of hours without you getting bored and without you uttering a word. He has varied interests from business to politics, from sports to technology. He has lot of ideas and opinion about everything he comes across. Talk to him on any subject, he may tell you a thing or two worth pondering.

The funny part is, guy A and guy B are the same person. How can a person be not good at speaking a language and still be very good conversationalist, you ask? I say why not? You don’t have to be good at language to make a good conversation. What you need is lot of good ideas and boldness to put them forth. You need to have confidence in yourself and what you are saying. If you have ideas don’t worry about the language, go ahead and try to express your ideas.

Related to this topic, I stumbled upon a very good blog post today – Seven Tips for Making Good Conversation with a Stranger by Gretchen Rubin of Happyness Project. Check it out, you may like one of the tips.

Tejas Joshi

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