Forum member ranking

  1. How many new topics are opened by member?
  2. How many comments received by member? Also count the comment on comment (nested).
  3. How many comments are posted by member?
  4. Comments given/comments received ratio.
  5. Let users rank each post, depending on how useful the discussion was. Each person who commented on that post should also get the benefit of the higher ranking. Or instead of ranking (as in 1-5 stars), let users choose between thumbs-up and thumbs-down. If user thinks the post was useful to them, they can choose thumbs-up. If they think the post didn’t give them what they were looking for, they could give thumbs-down. On second thought, we should only have a thumbs-up button. If someone does not find post useful, that does not mean its not useful in itself. It is possible that the user has not given correct search term or he is searching for something entirely different or in different context. As a result of that, it doesn’t sound fair to mark that post as thumbs-down. ratio of thumbs-ups to posts can contribute to ranking. The more the ratio is better.
  6. Average length of posts (as word count).
  7. Average number of comments in threads started by member.
  8. Average length of comment.

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